Battlefield pc games 2013

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Battlefield – continuation of the cult multiplayer shooter, which surpassed all previous parts. 14 scenarios based on the most important battles of the war, in the jungles, villages, ruined cities and water expanse. Huge maps with lots of objects and small details, invigorating landscape. New games and tactics of guerrilla warfare. Vietcong with “Kalash” for UAZ, “Katyusha”, APCs, helicopters Mi-8, T-54 and MiG-17 fighters and 21 against the “imperialist aggressors”, having all of the armor and weapons, and the familiar by Hollywood movies. Advanced single player mode against bots. Stunning soundtrack antiwar American artists 60s. Battlefield Vietnam – a time machine, transferring players in 40 years ago in South-East Asia
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 Battlefield pc games 2013