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Brutal Legend tells of rocker named Eddie Riggs, who is “the best assistant in the world to organize rock concerts.” Eddie Riggs name refers to the mascot of Iron Maiden Eddie and his creator, artist Derek Riggs. The game begins the night before the rock concert of the best rock band in the world. Tuning a guitar, Eddie accidentally injures himself and gets blood from a wound on his belt buckle, which is actually an amulet Ormagodena “Fire creature burner sky and destroyer of the ancient world.” Awakened Ormagoden Eddie teleport to a parallel world, inspired by Norse mythology and heavy metal, in which people were enslaved demons. Later, Eddie discovers that this world was created by an ancient race of Titans, who left behind numerous relic sites and instructions for their use by subsequent generations. However, neither men nor demons can not read them. Only Eddie, for his organizational skills, able to understand their purpose.
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 Brutal Legend free game