Drake computer game

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The main hero of the game – an assassin. More precisely, Drake – the best assassin clan. Dragon Clan has some mysterious connection with the other world, he patronizes Immortal Dragon – almost divine and omnipotent being. But always stay on top of the world can not, and that’s 99 Dragons suffered misfortune. Clan was wiped out, but what is even worse – was stolen a powerful artifact that clan guarded for hundreds of years. With this artifact can open gates to the underworld – The world of spirits, where there is a terrible lord souls. Artifact return and avenge unknown, but very powerful enemies – a task Drake, sole survivor of a warrior clan. The game takes place in buildings, on city streets, and near the end – in the vast underworld spirits. And if all the houses and streets clear, the world of spirits – is a crazy test of dexterity in jumping and running on walls. But Drake – not just a warrior. It can slow down or stop time, to gain an advantage in combat, can fill his life by sucking the souls of slain enemies … And he’s the only one who can fulfill their mission to save the world from the coming of the Lord of the living souls.
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 Drake computer game