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At the beginning, we are given a choice of two campaigns for passage – the Campaign for the vital and campaign for chaotic. The choice of the first campaign determines which campaign will be available to us next. The campaign on the campaign trail will be thrown randomly, and for Vitalskoy – Sintetskaya, that is, the passing game is on the two branches. After you pass the first two campaigns, you will be a third, common to both branches – for Diamanda. All three campaigns offer a very comprehensive look at current events, very unexpected Description twists, and a real picture of what is happening you can see just completed all three campaigns. An interesting feature of the campaign is that they are not in chronological order. For example, synthetic campaign, which follows a campaign Vitale, chronologically precedes it. The whole history of the new part Etherlords revolves around resurrected character will throw Diamanda and pale appearance of mysterious creatures. Ether world is in danger, that comes from the White Lord, the one who raised Diamanda and brought into the world of pale creatures.
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 Etherlords computer game