Galaxy On Fire 2 computer game

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Galaxy On Fire 2

In the game you will be presented in the form of space travel and war hero Keith Maxwell. Problem giperuskoritelya sent him to 35 years ahead, and he found himself on the edge of the galaxy, caught up in a war with a mysterious alien forces, who sow hatred between the warring races, and trying to take over this sector of the galaxy. To get home, Kate must unravel a conspiracy network and eliminate the alien threat. On his way he was forced to confront the space pirates, trade goods, explore new territories and negotiate with dubious figures to learn the truth about the powerful enemies, and eventually return home. Old friends and new enemies tightening the ranks, while Kate is ordered on the dangerous mission, during which he must penetrate into the very heart of enemy territory in order to prevent massive explosion that threatens to destroy the galaxy.
This is an exciting journey and grow in full 3D on the war exhausted galaxy ensures more than 10 hours of gameplay, with at any time you can go to space travel to drill asteroids, trading ore and materials involved in mercenary missions, engage in piracy and to create new weapons and equipment. Buy and rearm more than 30 types of ships that will help you to perform a variety of action-packed missions, including escort convoys attacked by pirates, the capture of an intergalactic criminals, rescuing senior members of other races, transporting valuable goods between star systems, command of mercenaries in dangerous tactical operations and production of alien technology of the most remote corners of the galaxy. Fully customizable controls using the mouse, keyboard or gamepad in Galaxy on Fire 2 ™ Full HD allows you to immerse yourself in the most massive space adventure available on PC!
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 Galaxy On Fire 2 computer game