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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier promises to go beyond a series of war games, Ghost Recon, and give us a completely new gameplay. The game offers cutting-edge technology, prototype high-tech weapons, modern single-player and multiplayer modes. “Ghosts”, an elite soldier in the Special Forces are ready to complete the task at any point of the globe. Their work – the fight against terrorism, the neutralization of enemy agents and the destruction of a superior enemy. Over time, this legendary unit ceased to be just one of the special forces and turned into an ideal tool that can change the fate of mankind. Equipped with the latest technology, equipped with the best development of military technology, these professionals keep you company in a number of specific military operations. You are waiting for the hot sands of Africa and the Antarctic ice, penetration of secretive missions and battle for survival. In the role of one of the men you have to fight side by side with the best squad operatives. Now is the time to demonstrate the worth of true professionals!
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 Ghost Recon computer game