Jagged Alliance pc games 2013

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Independent addition (the original game is not required) to the famous tactical fighter Jagged Alliance. Jagged Alliance: Crossfire – only blood can buy freedom! Well done, soldier! Island Arulco now free, but there are other countries in which where the war continues – and the world looks the other way. Kanpaa, peaceful and prosperous nation, was in the iron grip of well-paid mercenaries … while the United Nations has turned a blind eye to those who create disorder. UN Ambassador Benhamou Atikilla trying to help their country, but there was little he could do. Military intervention by the major powers is excluded and Kanpaa not who to ask for help … but you can help! Strategist and tactician, who heads a private military corporation, is able to change the situation through its own team of experienced mercenaries to liberate the unfortunate nation Kanpaa. Support the oppressed people, sending aid squad seasoned soldier of fortune, and get ready for battle on icy barren lands and mountain gorges. You’ll learn why Kanpaa turn hot and who is going to benefit from the conflict at this time.Steam-Rip by R.G.Gamer)
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 Jagged Alliance pc games 2013