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The action takes place on the streets of modern New York, in which through unknown channels comes a new very dangerous drug. Max, among other secret police agents are adopting a local mafia group to collect data on drug suppliers. He is the best suited for the job – he knows the city inside out, always away from persecution and neutralize the enemy, it is perfectly in possession of weapons and very athletic. These qualities will be Max, especially after a fabricated case of murder of his boss. Once out of the law, it will make its way through the dark muddy streets, which seem to have nothing to do with the shining city mirrored skyscrapers. Despite the fact that the game of genre is a 3D shooter, every single moment of the game is full of meaning. In this game the player is not shooting or hundreds of innocent monsters, he knows exactly what and what a scoundrel is to shoot his head.
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 Max  Payne  fullversion game