Nazi Zombie Army free game

se Nazi Zombie Army free game


Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army – this is a new part of a series of Sniper Elite, has won numerous awards for its realistic approach to virtualization sniper skills. This time, in the lights of the Second World War, a desperate Hitler resorted to their last trump card – the undead legion of super-soldiers, threatening the security of all of Europe. You, Charles Fairbairn – sniper who changed the course of world history, one of the last surviving soldiers dead in occupied Germany. You have to unite with former enemies, or in the throes of death. American, German, Russian – previous military alliance more nothing. The war reached a new level – the living against the dead. Only an elite sniper, Sniper Elite Series veteran with nerves of steel and a steady hand, will be able to provide decent resistance Gitlerskoy army of zombie Nazis!
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 Nazi Zombie Army free game