Painkiller computer game

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Throughout the long 4 years created a mod for Paine. In its creation, trying to combine the best of what I saw in all the username, after Payne BOOH. New “Design” menu, the new HUD in several variants (only fonts), updated levels (corrected a lot kasyak), a new weapon 15 trunks in the arsenal – of which are already known from the original seven guns and 6 of Overdose + HellGun, which I rewrote the script (you will be pleasantly surprised to see what he was shooting) and bonus weapons, which I called DevastatorRG. The same litany of shotgun only alpha version in a new guise, and with the raw texture (by the way is no longer a shotgun). for certain types of weapons have been added to the combo shots. The game will be even more fun for wacky levels of Redemption.
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 Painkiller computer game