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Sniper Elite V2 – is a welcome continuation of the award-winning game Sniper Elite, which allows players to truly feel like a sniper during World War II. You – an elite American sniper Charles Fairbairn. After a reset over Berlin during the last fight the German army, you have to stop the Red Army capture technologies Nazi rocket program V2. You should help scientists wishing to escape to the United States, and to eliminate those who will help Russian. Use realistically recreated weapons, learn to track your goals, to strengthen the position to plan the shots. Use your skills, patience and cunning to accomplish the mission. Being trapped between the two armies in a desperate race against time, you are entitled to feel the importance of the passing game in the secretive regime. The famous «bullet cam» of Sniper Elite has become more bloody and brutal than before – workshops rewarded slow motion shots of a bullet, followed by X-ray image of how it is in the target, destroying everything in its path. Exploding bodies, broken bones, teeth fly – force sniper bullet is shown in full.
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 Sniper Elite computer game