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SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars – the game is a continuation of the project with a very big name who has managed to fit a main features of the two adjacent genres, real-time strategy and role-playing. The output of the first part and its two official add-ons, so warmly received lovers of both genres, has shown that such a mixture of genres, not only has the right to life, and even a very competitive and can give odds to many recognized grandees of the game world. Of course, fans of the new genre was a great success of the first two additions to the original part, and the story of a love for the beautiful dragon Eirin elf has become a classic screenwriting. But demanding fan waiting new parts of the game that is not only not understate the requirements, but also will be much better, more interesting and fun to their predecessors. These requirements have become a new challenge for the talented developers from companies Phenomic, who is no stranger to do the impossible. Thus, the result of long and hard work was the second part of the famous saga.
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 SpellForce computer game