Star Trek fullversion game

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Action “Star Trek” offers players play the role of cult heroes “Star Trek” – Captain Kirk and Commander Spock – and go to adventure together. The game takes place in an alternate universe of “Star Trek” that began with a full-length film directed by JJ Abrams, was released in 2009. Fans expect a fascinating plot, fierce battles, puzzles, and exciting, of course, the unique atmosphere of “Star Trek.” The game “Star Trek” continues the story of the film “Star Trek” in 2009. The fans waiting for a brand new universe, which was built on the familiar laws. In the course of traveling players to get comfortable on board the “Enterprise” and other spacecraft, discover and explore new sectors of space, where they are waiting for exotic planets, abandoned stations and more. “Star Trek” will offer players to join forces together to counter the dangers of space. Each of the characters – whether it’s a brave Captain Kirk or> is prudent Vulcan Spock – has unique abilities and capabilities. For the first time in the history of video games two iconic characters together will decide the fate of the galaxy.
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 Star Trek fullversion game