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Includes Rome: Total War and the 2 OfficialExpansion Packs!Product InformationThree Rome: Total War titles in one collection. In Rome: Total War themightiest armies and the most brilliant commanders of ancient times clash in anepic war game only Total War can create. An all new campaign map extendsthe Rome: Total War experience further Eastward than ever before taking youinto Macedonia and the Persian Empire. A host of new content includes four newfactions and 60 all new units in Rome: Total War Barbarian Invasion ExpansionPack. It is 363 AD and the last Emperor of the unified Rome is dead. Hissuccessors now rule a divided Empire. Beyond the frontiers of the sunderedEmpire new enemies are lurking. The barbarians are at the gates in this officialexpansion pack for Rome: Total War Alexander.
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 Total War computer games online