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Viva Pinata

Viva Pinata – a true “child of color.” This intimate world they live in lovely, stylish, patterned creatures. Those same piñata with candy inside, an indispensable attribute of Mexican celebrations. Only now they were alive.

Piñatas live in a bright, colorful garden. True, this is paradise, we must create. At the beginning of the path before us – only a gray area, scored all sorts of rubbish. The main task – to clear with a shovel earth, planted with grass and remove debris. Then prilezet first worm (the camera effectively shows how he comes out of the shelter and move to our clearing). Initially, piñata monochrome, but after her desires it blooms in colors. Needs in a variety of creatures – depending on the “complexity” of the substance and the place which it occupies in the food chain. Worm need green grass, and a parrot – a worm. There are so always – the fittest survive. A loser just crumbles into candy, that joyful killer eats. In terms of adaptation to the death of Viva Pinata harden any child abruptly than any characteristic kinoskazka like “Bridge to Terabithia.”
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 Viva Pinata free game

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