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Zuma Revange

The new version of the game itself, prarodivshey casual genre ball plevalok “on the PC. Stay fearless Toad in the ancient temples at the ominous island was delayed, and now an angry confrontation between the forces of moving to a new level.


* 60 levels and six battles with the boss in each mini-game
* Four game modes: Adventure, Challenge, and the heroic Iron Frog Frog
* Power-ups of explosives, including three new shots
* New gameplay as keyboard lilies, jumping, targeting reduction, and more
* Shooting in 70 new locations – in the Jungle of Mystery, a tranquil village, Lost City and the mosquito coast
* Iron Shield Frogs – breaks 10 levels in a number of
* Amazing graphics and effects in the modern world of gaming
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 Zuma Revange   Free portable game