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or Alive

The fifth edition of the cult series of fights involving sexual heroines returned after several years’ absence – to the delight of many fans! Dead or Alive 5 continues the series Dead or Alive, adding new characters and other innovations. From now on, sexiest ladies are ready to tear at each other pretty faces, to spare no effort – all injuries are counted correctly on the bodies of the characters, and improved physics of movement displays the techniques of fighters, including animation breathing and acrobatic somersaults, in great detail. Modeled even sweat, acting on the bodies of the heroines in the heat of battle. All decorations on the battle arenas are made ??not just for beauty. During battles, the battlefield will change, and players will be able to use this to your advantage – for example, you can push the enemy a severe blow to the newly created obstacles. Also in Dead or Alive 5 fans of multiplayer modes will be able to test your skills against real players in online combat.
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 Dead or Alive free game